If you have been considering trying a yoga class for a while or it is all completely new, you may have a lot of questions about what to expect and what it will be like. Perhaps you picked up a yoga practice online, but have never attended a class before, or maybe you just know you need a stretch but have no idea where to start.

Whatever your reason for trying yoga, here is what you can expect from your first yoga class at Rosieglo Yoga, as well as some other useful information.

First of all, there are loads of different classes to choose from, but don’t let that overwhelm you! We know it can be tricky to battle through different names and styles, so at Rosieglo, we keep it super simple; we have morning classes and evening classes, all suitable for beginners and seasoned yogis alike.

We will tailor the class to who is in the room, to make sure you feel at ease, looked after, and well within your depth. Most of our classes are taught weekly and crafted so that it is easy for newcomers to join at anytime. If you’re the type of person who likes to know you’re beginning at the beginning then we offer Beginners Classes to help get you started.

As for the technical bits, we take inspiration from hatha and vinyasa styles in our classes. We focus on moving with the breath to strengthen, tone and mobilise, and learn about stillness and relaxation to help ease the chatter of the mind.

When you arrive, you’ll be welcomed by the teacher and given the chance to chat about any niggles you may have. Many people prefer to bring their own mat but we also provide mats and yoga props at the studio, so you can just bring yourself and perhaps a bottle of water.

Most classes are mat-based and will include a variety of seated, standing and reclined postures. We’ll offer options to make sure you’re in alignment for your body and happy in each pose. Remember, this isn’t the time for gymnastics; it is about moving, and expanding the body — and the mind!

Our Chair Yoga class is ideal for those who feel that getting up and down off the floor is a bit much right now. Perfect if you are recovering from an injury, living with illness or have limited strength and mobility. You can get all the nourishing benefits of yoga, with the extra support of a chair to help you feel comfortable and at ease.

Now, a common misconception is that yoga is all fancy clothes and bendy bodies but that’s not really the vibe at Rosieglo. We ask that you come in something comfortable that you can move in, so leave the jeans at home and throw on something stretchy. It doesn’t need to be glam, and it doesn’t need to be boujee, come as you are, and we will be here to welcome you in. 

Onto bendy bodies; it isn’t a necessity for yoga, and we often hear the words ‘I can’t do yoga, I am not flexible enough’ and it breaks our hearts! Yoga isn’t about being flexible or achieving some of the more showy poses – honestly! It is about what you learn on the way and how yoga makes you feel in mind and body. We hope you’ll begin to notice the difference in how you feel before class, after class and gradually how you feel improvements day-to-day if you keep a regular yoga practice.

We have students who come to classes to get out of the house and out of their heads, to help with anxiety, switch off from work, find some ‘me-time’, ease out any niggles, feel stronger and brighter, improve mobility, to complement their fitness, stretch off after a run and a whole host of other reasons. 

When you come to your first class, focus on yourself and your own body. It is so tempting to take a look around and see what everyone else looks like — trust us, we have all done it! But really, you’ll get more from your yoga time if you focus on yourself and the teacher, and tune-in to your own body rather than making comparisons with the person next to you. It’s easier said than done but over-time we can get better at tuning inwards.

Just because something is cued in a class, doesn’t mean you have to do it either. If it all becomes a bit too much, come to sit or lie on your mat and know that’s perfectly okay; sometimes, even us teachers who have been practising for yonks love to take a minute to ourselves instead of carrying on with a flow! 

We hope that gives you some insight into what to expect from your first class, and if you are looking for a yoga class in Cheltenham, we will be here waiting for you at Rosieglo.

You can check out our yoga class timetable here to see what’s coming up and browse our classes. Your first class is £5.00 so simply check out our Timetable and select ‘First Class Offer’ when booking to get money off your first class. Let’s get you started.