Rosieglo Yoga

Discover the friendly yoga studio in Leckhampton, Cheltenham.  Find your glo…

Rosieglo Yoga

Discover the friendly yoga studio in Leckhampton, Cheltenham.  Find your glo…


Your local yoga space, just off Leckhampton Road Check out our classes

What our yogis say…



“Thank you for my home yoga visit.  Feeling much better for it and determined now to get stronger and healthier.”


 “Awesome class…!! Might not have been brilliant at it all but I loved it.  Rosie is a natural teacher.”


“I was surprised by how much I could do and how little I wobbled.  Yes, I expected to wobble more!”

About Rosieglo

Rosieglo is a local yoga studio in Cheltenham, offering small friendly classes with a carefully picked group of lovely teachers.

Rosieglo Yoga was founded by Rosie in 2015. “As a Mum of three girls, in between the netball, drama, climbing, drumming, piano, swimming and hormones, I love to practise and teach yoga. To quote my favourite tea advert it, ‘brings me back to me’. I’ve been practising yoga for 20 years and as well as allowing me to carve out a bit of restorative time, yoga helps me to cultivate a healthy mind and body balance, in amongst the crazy day-to-day. I’m originally from Devon and when I’m not taxi-ing or yoga-ing you can usually find me heading towards the sea”.

Rosie is a qualified and registered Advanced Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance UK (RYT 200hr) and Yoga Alliance (RYT 300hr), qualified in Anatomy and Physiology Level 3, Yoga for Sleep Recovery, Menopause Yoga®, Thai Massage, Yogalates and Yoga for Parkinsons and loves to apply her knowledge to demystify yoga and make it accessible for all.


Rosieglo Yoga classes combine Hatha and Vinyasa flow yoga.

Hatha works with poses and breathing to achieve a well-rounded practise, strength and peace.

Vinyasa flow is a flowing sequence of postures designed to strengthen and tone.  Concentrating on the connection between breath and movement it encourages focus and really gives your mind a break from the daily demands.

Suitable for all, you are encouraged to work to your own level with each pose.

The classes are intended to be gently challenging to enable you to truly feel the benefits and grow your yoga practise over time.

We strive to make the classes at Rosieglo really accessible to help more people experience the benefits of yoga.

Classes include Yoga Flow, Beginners Yoga, Over 55s Yoga, Restorative yoga, Chair Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga for Sleep,  Menopause Yoga and more.

Check out our Timetable to see what we have coming up and for our regular yoga classes in Cheltenham.

Find out more about all our classes here.


Rosieglo Yoga studio in Cheltenham can be found on Old Station Drive, just off Leckhampton Road, a short walk from Bath Road.

Enter via the Solace Gym entrance and head up the staircase on your left where you’ll find the Rosieglo Yoga studio awaiting you.

Our studio is spacious and welcoming with lots of natural light and windows, with treetop views.

Whether you’re completely new to yoga, or keen to continue your yoga journey, Rosieglo Yoga offers a chilled, supportive and fun place to calm your mind and rejuvenate your body.

Directions and a map can be found on our Contact page.


Yoga classes at Rosieglo Cheltenham are taught weekly and crafted so that it is easy for newcomers to join at anytime.

We offer your first class for just £5.00. A great way to give us a try and see if you like it.

Adult classes start from £7.80 per class with our Monthly Membership, £9.50 per class with our 10 Class Flexipass or £12 for a Drop-in Pass.

Yogis aged 12-16 are welcome when accompanied by an adult with our Little Yogi passes from £6.50 per class. 

Find out more about all our class passes and prices here.

Frequently asked questions

How do I book?

You can easily book and pay for your class online. Standard classes start from from £7.80 per class with our Monthly Membership, £9.50 per class with our 10 Class Flexipass or £12 for a Drop-in Pass. Our Flexipass is the most popular option and is valid across most Rosieglo Yoga classes and is valid for 4 months.  You can book and cancel your classes online and if you can give 24 hours cancellation notice the class credit is added back to your pass.

Please always book ahead as class spaces are limited and we’d hate to have to turn you away.

Where is Rosieglo Yoga
Rosieglo Yoga can be found on Old Station Drive, just off Leckhampton Road, a short walk from Bath Road.  Please visit our Contact page to find directions.
What should I wear & bring

Comfortable stretchy clothing such as leggings and t-shirt or any usual fitness wear – nothing too baggy.   You may also want to bring a jumper and some socks to pop on ready for Savasana (the relaxing bit) towards the end of the class to keep you snuggly. We provide mats and props at the studio or you are welcome to bring your own.  Please, no camping mats or foam mats as they can cause injury.  A yoga mat is specifically designed to provide the necessary grip and cushioning to ensure a safe practice.  You can pick up a budget yoga mat for around £10.

What if I'm not very flexible

Then yoga is really going to help :) Don’t worry, you really don’t need to be flexible to practice yoga. Each body is unique and has different levels of natural flexibility and mobility.  Practicing yoga will encourage your muscles to lengthen and strengthen and you may find that your flexibility and mobility quickly improve.

Are the classes suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! We have specific Beginners Classes on the timetable for those who are keen to start from the beginning.  If you have a reasonable level of fitness and mobility you may like to join our standard classes which are open to all levels. Our teachers can offer modifications if necessary and many of the poses have different options so that you can tailor your practice to your own level, depending on how you are feeling that day. Please let the teacher know before class begins if it is your first class.

What if I am injured or have health issues?

Yoga can be really beneficial at helping some injuries and health issues but you must check with your doctor first. Please get in touch before your class so that we can discuss any modifications if necessary. And always have a chat with your teacher before class so that they can guide you with care and consideration.

What happens in a class?

Please arrive in good time although no earlier than 10 minutes before class.  We begin with a gentle warm up before easing into a flow sequence which links poses and breath together.  We move mindfully, but don’t be fooled – your muscles will be working their socks off!  The sequence may change a little from week to week but you will always have a well-rounded and balanced practice.  We finish each session with Savasana – about 5 mins of relaxation.  Some teachers believe Savasana to be the most important pose to conquer.  It teaches you to be still and to allow your mind and body to fully absorb the benefits of your yoga practice.  Although it can be tempting to rush off and skip Savasana, please treat yourself to 5 minutes of stillness.

Do men do yoga too?

You bet!  More and more men are discovering the wonders of yoga, perhaps to complement more energy intensive exercise such as cycling, tennis and running and for the mental health benefits. Yoga works the muscles in a different way and can be very effective at improving overall performance and stamina.  Yoga is also a great antidote to the hours spent hunched over a computer or sat driving.  It will awaken your core, release tension in your back, neck and shoulders, improve strength and flexibility and give a busy mind a well-deserved time-out.

Can I eat before a yoga class?

It’s best to avoid eating for 2 hours before a class if possible as we will be doing twists, bends and flexes which can feel uncomfortable on a full stomach. Try to ensure you are hydrated before class.

Can I do yoga if I'm pregnant?
Yoga can be very beneficial and special when pregnant and we would recommend joining a specific antenatal yoga class.  Please check our Pregnancy Health Checklist for more information or get in touch if you have any questions.
Am I too old to do yoga?

Never!  Yoga becomes more beneficial as we age, aiding balance, stiffness and mindfulness. We can adapt each pose to suit your level and gradually grow with practice, so please do come along and try a class.

Cancellations, no-shows and refunds

We run a strict 24 hour cancellation notice and no-show policy.  If you have purchased a 10 class Flexipass or Drop-in class you can cancel your class with at least 24 hours notice and the class credit will be added back to your Flexipass.  After this, if you do not attend the class we are unable to refund the credit.

The student is responsible for cancelling their class booking online via the booking system here:

We are a small studio with limited spaces and so every mat counts.  We hope you understand.

General Terms
Rosieglo Yoga full general terms can be found here:

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