Yoga for Sleep Recovery 

Come and join the Yoga for Sleep Recovery five week course. 

We will cover your sleep type, sleep habits and specific poses and sequences which can enable a better night’s sleep. 

If you are having sleep difficulties then this is the course for you. No yoga experience necessary.

Course includes FREE Sleep Recovery book by Lisa Sanfilippo.

Rosie’s Yoga for Sleep Recovery Course has given me a great toolkit to help improve my sleep. I’m no longer stressed about not sleeping and I am feeling fresher in the mornings as a result.

Thank you!

The Sleep Recovery course set me on a restorative and healing path as gently I began to incorporate the practices into my daily routine.

Rosie strikes the right balance between information and physical practices. Sleep patterns will go up and down but now I know I am prepared with the tools to acknowledge why I’m not sleeping well and help myself get back on track.

Discover yoga for better sleep with the Sleep Recovery 5 Week Course 

Are you struggling with your sleep?  Feeling agitated, anxious, sluggish, lethargic, whacked out, a bit off par, cream-crackered, erratic or just generally meh?

There’s so much that can affect our sleep, from the obvious biggies – caffeine, stress, over-active mind, to the more subtle influences – how we pattern our behaviour throughout the day and how we manage our energy.

The Sleep Recovery Course looks at all these factors and helps you to collate a sleep toolkit to effectively manage your energy stores, so that you can be bright and alert when you need to be and get proper restful sleep at the optimum time.

In this holistic approach you will be guided through simple and effective yoga techniques to combat fatigue and replenish the nervous system enabling you to find better, meaningful rest.

By using these tools, we can nurture the soul and get to be the brighter, shinier, more alert and more rested version of ourselves – sounds good huh?

About the course

I trained with Lisa Sanfilippo, a psychotherapist and senior yoga teacher who founded the Sleep Recovery yoga therapy method for overcoming insomnia and improving sleep.

Sleep Recovery is a five step yoga-based method for improving your sleep, deepening your rest and waking up happier every day.

Each week we’ll focus on one of the five steps…

1. Repair Your Body – learn how to pull tension out of your body and physically prepare for rest.  We acknowledge any sleep saboteurs that may be getting in your way and discover your personal ‘sleep type’ so that you can begin to create a plan for your best rest.

2. Replenish Your Energy – learn how to sustainably put energy back on the grid to help you effectively manage your energy flow throughout the day. Discover how to nurture your nervous system out of the stress response and into the relaxation response.

3. Reclaim Your Mind – discover ways to calm the chatter in the mind, creating a quiet corner for all the mental clutter to settle.  We work with tools to aid mental digestion and mindfulness to help us find a deeper, more settled rest.

4. Restore Emotional Balance – when life hands you lemons, make a hot toddy!  When we’re taking a battering, we look at powerful ways to help acknowledge the turbulence and soothe our emotions, steadying the way for a more peaceful sleep.

5. Reawaken Happy – sometimes our sleeplessness acts as the wake-up call we need to address any little chinks in our wellbeing.  Look at this as a wellbeing m.o.t.  By taking the time to re-centre yourself and address your physical, energetic, mental and emotional influences, you’re polishing your soul and helping it to shine bright.

What to expect

The Sleep Recovery course is run over 5 weeks.

The first week is 90mins and the following weeks are 75mins.

Each week is a mix of knowledge, personal reflection and a practical element, offering you tangible ways to fit bite-size practises into your day.  You will be encouraged to practise a little homework each week, gradually repatterning and improving your sleep hygiene.

You do not need to have practised yoga before.

Included in the course is the Sleep Recovery book by Lisa Sanfilippo which will help guide you through the method and will remain an invaluable reference for you to help keep you on track.

In true Rosieglo style, this course is delivered with whole-hearted support and we strive to create an open, friendly, honest and warm place for you to safely settle.


£80 for the full 5 Week Course

Includes FREE Sleep Recovery book by Lisa Sanfilippo

No yoga experience necessary.

Really beneficial course – helped me to take control of my sleep by having greater awareness of my sleep saboteurs. I now feel I have a useful toolkit of techniques that I can dip into when I need it.

The quality of my sleep has improved since I started the course: I tend to get to sleep quicker, wake up less during the night and be able to get back to sleep quicker if I do. I feel less worried about not sleeping well when I go to bed.

I recommend this course – a different approach to the frustrations of not sleeping and some useful practical techniques and things to try. It will change the way you think about sleep.

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Please do get in touch if you have any questions at all.