Pregnancy Yoga Course

Welcome to pregnancy yoga – supporting you during pregnancy and preparing for your baby’s arrival. Whether you are an experienced Yogini or brand new to yoga this comprehensive course provides a space to meet other Mums to be, a toolkit to deal with pregnancy niggles (from heartburn to puffy ankles) as well as maintain your strength and mobility. We also explore a range of poses, breath work and simple yoga practices for labour and birth.

Structured as a 5 week course, over the weeks we will look at:

  • Yoga to support Mums during pregnancy generally
  • Yoga as a toolkit for specific pregnancy conditions; heartburn, puffy feet, nausea…
  • Yoga as a way to connect to qualities that help you as a mum-to-be; softness, strength, selfcare…
  • Yoga for labour and birth
  • Yoga for the mind – helping us to welcome a new mindset for our pregnancy and the journey beyond.

Kate is a dual qualified pregnancy /postnatal and general yoga teacher and a Mum. These warm, welcoming classes are based on vinyasa flow yoga, encouraging you to keep moving throughout your pregnancy in a safe and beneficial way.

Rosieglo is a clean, cosy relaxing space and mats, blocks and blankets are provided.
Suitable from 14 weeks to 40+ weeks.

Please refer to our Pregnancy Health checklist before booking and get in touch if you have any queries.

5 week course:

Tuesday January – 5th February | 7.00-8.00pm
Tuesday 12th February – 12th March | 7.00-8.00pm


Get in touch to find out further course dates.