Hen Yoga

Hen weekends don’t have to be all about pink tutus and tiaras.

A private yoga class for a hen do is a great way to bond the group and get some chill-out time either in anticipation of or recovery from the partying :)

We begin with a gentle warm up, focussing on slowing the breath and welcoming some stillness before kicking off with our Sun Salutations to wake up the body and get the energy moving – a nice way to shake-off any lethargy from the night before.

The pace picks up as we move into our flow sequences working on the hips, hamstrings, shoulders and back – great for releasing any tightness from bopping the night away in heels :)

Moving into a slower sequence, we take our time to even out our breath and get ready to collapse on the mat for relaxation.

Once everyone had settled on their mat, with eyes closed and some cool tunes playing, hens are treated to a dab of aromatherapy oil and a mini head massage to smooth away the last dregs of any tiredness.

When you think of it, a yoga class seems the perfect way to round of a hen weekend; bonding friendships new and old and sending everyone off with a revitalised spring in their step.

If you’d like to find out more about a yoga class for your hen weekend, get in touch below.