Rosieglo Yoga Teachers

Here’s some of our lovely teachers at Rosieglo Yoga.

Between us we have ten children, thirteen godchildren, thirty nieces and nephews, no grandkids (yet), eighteen step/half/whole siblings, one dog (Tedtastic) and five cats.

Some of us are happily addicted to reality tv home improvement and travel shows and we can be quite a crafty bunch, dabbling in crochet, cross-stitch, embroidery, quilting and the odd bit of knitting.

Our gloriously guilty habits can include binge watching box sets, scrolling on social media, making too many lists, nibbling chocolate and an afternoon cuppa with a sweet treat and some TV quizzage (Tipping Point anyone?).

Our favourite foods include broccoli (yes really), fruit, Italian, Fish, Mum’s food, a bit of spice and anything in the sun with a bottle of chilled wine.

Favourite drinks include really cold white wine, Danish Gløg mulled wine, good and I repeat GOOD Coffee, white port with tonic water, basil and cucumber, margarita, mojito from a bar in a cobbled side street in Rome, water (or prosecco – can’t decide!), oh and a damn fine G&T (and of course the occasional green smoothie!).

We like to snack on cheese, whatever emergency snacks happen to be nearby, coconut yogurt with granola, homemade plant-base bars, nut butter from the jar, chocolate, oatcakes and the occasional biscuit (a cup of tea’s too wet without one!).

Inconsiderate drivers, not minding your Ps & Qs, lack of consideration and kindness, injustice, being hungry or tired, when delivery drivers leave a note saying ‘sorry we missed you’ when you know you haven’t left the house and they didn’t knock, cold weather, tidying up after the kids, cruelty to animals and a short pour of wine are all things that can yank our chain!

But we destress and bring ourselves back into balance by walking in nature with nearest and dearest, stepping on to the yoga mat, reading, cooking, gardening, napping, crafting, getting to the sea whatever the weather and a pint of Thatchers Haze!

Some of us love a headstand or anything upside down, settling into a long held pigeon posture, dropping into wild thing, a backbend of any kind, baddha konasana, a juicy reclined twist, a fun balance in dancers or half moon pose, a nurturing restorative child’s pose or a good old fashioned Downward Dog.

But then again, some of us are particularly challenged by anything with crossed legs, any hip-openers, those darned back bends, a forward fold of any kind, anything that requires bendy contortion or blinking crow pose!

We remind ourselves that yoga is so much more than just a pose and try to ease-up on any critical self-judgement or comparison (boot that chimp mind to the kerb!).

A couple of us love a good jigsaw, one of us has been known to be a bit possessive of the music playlist at a party and somebody is pretty messy.

We have some odd colloquial expressions between us such as ‘Where to?’ and ‘Now in a bit’.

We come from Devon, Denmark, up t’North, Surrey, Israel, Worcestershire, Wales, Uruguay…

But what we all have in common is the desire to teach honestly and whole-heartedly with plenty of smiles and the odd belly laugh thrown in.

We are the Rosieglo troop. Hello there.

Rosieglo Yoga Teachers

Rosie Marsland @rosiegloyoga (Founder ~ The ‘Rosie’ of Rosieglo): Morning Rise, Morning Yoga, Over 55s Yoga, Beginners Yoga, Yoga for Sleep Recovery, Menopause Yoga®.

Kathryn Ball @kayleenaus: Yoga Flow, Sunday Ease

Jan Benn @love.your.practice: Morning Rise, Morning Yoga, Yoga Flow, Mindful Sunday Morning Yoga

Niki Cox @nikicoxyoga: Morning Rise, Morning Yoga

Valentina Correa Bove @valentina.correabove: Teen Yoga

Hannah Edwards @hannah_edwards_yoga: Yoga Flow, Beginners Yoga

Reut Sapir @reutsapir_: Yoga Flow, Beginners Yoga

Sarah Vallance @accessibleyogawithsarah: Friday Night Flow, Friday Night Chill

Isabelle Watton @yogaisabellefleur: Yoga Flow

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