Menopause Yoga at Work

Menopause Yoga at Work

Have you noticed all the recent hubbub around menopause recently?

With all the recent media activity around Menopause and the Government’s Women’s Health Strategy, employers are becoming more aware of the impact of Menopause on the workforce and there is growing demand to offer support and guidance within the workplace.

My Menopause Yoga at Work package offers strategies in the workplace to help support and guide those who are entering, or in the midst of their menopause journey.

Considering that menopause will inevitable affect at least half the world’s population directly, not to mention the impact on partners, colleagues, family and friends, it’s about time it was coaxed out of the dark, dingy corner of embarrassment and discussed openly.

From hot flushes and night sweats, irrational rage and low mood, brain fog and anxiety, to achy limbs and fatigue, I can help your team navigate menopausal symptoms at home and in the workplace and give some tangible ways to cope.

We work on key symptoms of the menopause and offer tools and practises including yoga, breathing techniques, simple meditation and restorative poses, all crafted to help guide you through this transitional time with as much ease as possible and keep you sane and functioning at work.

Menopause at Work can be delivered as a 1 day workshop, a series of mini workshops or as a regular class, tailored to suit your wellbeing in the workplace calendar.

I trained with Petra Coveney, founder of Menopause Yoga®, and am a Gold Standard Menopause Yoga® accredited Teacher. Menopause Yoga® is an approach that combines western medical knowledge with eastern well being, encouraging fact-based evidence and research from top UK Menopause doctors, alongside yoga asana, breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques.

Many women feel that there is still a stigma attached to the Menopause and that they have to hide their symptoms at work and just battle on.

Wouldn’t it be great if together we could create an inspiring and supportive space at work. Providing the right support and communicating openly enables women – and their teams – to perform at their best.

If you’re interested in introducing Menopause Yoga at Work in your workplace or to your employees, please do get in touch.