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As we move into menopause – it’s natural to feel resistance.

You feel like you’re just getting a grip on this thing called life and BOOM – hello perimenopause!

How the heck did that happen?

We can have a dated image of menopausal women with a purple rinse and twinset and pearls. No wonder you’re frantically trying to leg it in the opposite direction.

You’re used to being in control, spinning plates at work, at home, with the family, parents, partners and now there’s something happening that can feel beyond your control.

So you can feel fearful, angry, frustrated and mis-understood.

This resistance can cause a friction and tension in the body and in your mind. You often don’t have the time or space to digest this change.  So you just keep on pushing through, making you feel even more resentful and cross.

Your once abundant levels of patience and tolerance are now wearing thin and you’re snappy, knackered and pee’d off. This can significantly affect your reasoning and communication skills and the people around you never know what version of you they’re gonna get.

Is this ringing bells. Sounding familiar?

I know for me, this was one of the key symptoms that alerted me to the fact that something was going on under the bonnet!

In my Menopause Yoga classes we create the time and space to aid our emotional and mental digestion and bring ease into the body and mind. Just knowing that there’s a very valid scientific reason for this menorage imposter can massively help.

It’s not you, it’s your hormones!

Empower yourself with knowledge to feel more in control and take action with impactful breathing exercises, movement, relaxation techniques and restorative poses, all crafted to offer you tangible ways to navigate your way through the menopause.

Our Menopause Monthly Yoga Meetups are just the thing you need to give you some regular respite from the menopausal ups and downs, and nurture yourself with some specific holistic tips and tools you can easily and practically apply to help you through your day with a little grace.

Held each month, simply come as and when you can. We always have time for a chat and a cuppa so feel welcome to bring your questions (and frustrations) to share. Find out more by clicking the button below.

Or check out my Menopause Yoga at Work package for strategies in the workplace to help support and guide those who are entering, or in the midst of their menopause journey.

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