How to:

First, be sure to warm up with a sun salutation followed by some chest and back openers: Upward Dog, Bow pose, Bridge.

Lying on your back with knees bent, bring the heels in closer to your bottom. The feet should be hip distance apart.

Take a Bridge pose first. Reach the arms towards the feet until the fingertip can just barely graze the heels. Press the palms and feet firmly against the mat. Engage the legs and curl hips up, peeling the spine away from the mat.  Hold for a few breaths. Gently lower down.

Ground the soles of the feet and place the palms down on either side of the head with fingers, pointing towards the shoulders. Curl the hips up to Bridge pose.  Take a breath.  Press firmly and evenly through arms and legs to lift the head and shoulders.

In the arched position, keep extending the hips, elongate the arms, and draw the ribs upwards. To keep the knees from splaying and straining the lower back, rotate the thighs inwards. Hold for a few breaths and remember to breathe!  When coming out of the pose, tuck the chin into the chest before bending the elbows and roll down one vertebra at a time.


Great for:

Strengthening your arms, wrists, abdomen, legs, shoulders and chest

Lengthening and strengthening the spine, increasing spine and hip flexibility

Boosting the nervous system

Tips for a safe practise