Star of wonder, star of night

Guide us to thy perfect light


The perfect way to end our Yoga Advent Calendar on Christmas eve, with a guiding star.

May you all shine bright this Christmas.

NamasteĀ 🌟


How to:

Sit in Baddhakonasana (Bound Angle pose), with sit bones grounded, soles of the feet together and hands softly wrapping the toes

Gently draw the heels away from you slightly, allowing a little more space for the pelvis to tilt forward

Lean into the space in front of you, leading with the heart and slowly fold down allowing the elbows to bend out wide

Let your back round, rest the head (use a block or cushion if necessary) and soften into the fold

Take a moment for introspection and breathe

Hold for 30-60 seconds


Great for:

Opening the hips and groins
Stretching the neck and back
Creating a sense of security
Calming the mind
Boosting creativity


Tips for a safe practise