I tried to think of a festive name for this one but came up short!  Maybe ‘one to many sherries’!

Feel free to post any suggestions below :)


How to:

Sit tall with sit bones grounded.  Take legs wide with toes and knees pointing upwards and press through the heels.  Try not to let your feet roll outwards.

Inhale and lengthen up through the spine. Sit on a folded blanket to stop the lower back from rounding if needed.

Exhale and tilt the pelvis forward as you lean into the space in front, leading with the heart.

Keep the spine long as you patiently continue to work with the breath, walking the fingers forward.

Increase the forward bend on each exhalation until you feel a comfortable stretch in the backs of your legs. Stay in the pose for 5 -10 breaths.


Great for:

Stretching the insides and backs of the legs
Stimulating the abdominal organs
Strengthening the spine
Calming the brain
Releasing groins


Tips for a safe practise