A festive take on regular Pigeon Pose – upgraded to a dove ;)

How to:

From Downward Dog, draw the right knee forward and place it to the floor just behind the right wrist

Let the foot comfortably settle across the mat

Begin to slide the left leg away, straightening the knee, pointing the toes and gradually and evenly lowering the hips.  Use a block or cushion for extra support if needed.

Gently puff up the chest and lengthen, walking the fingertips forwards.  Stay up on the hands, or steadily lower to forearms or rest the head down to the mat.

Breathe here for 5 – 10 breaths and repeat on the other side.

Option: Pick up the back foot for an extra quad stretch


Great for:

Opening the hips

Using core strength to keep your hips level

Calming your mind

Stretching the thighs, psoas and groins


Tips for a safe practise