How to:

Sit tall in an easy cross-legged position. If your lower back rounds sit up on a folded blanket.
Bend your right knee, hugging the shin and drawing the knee towards the right armpit.
Bring your left hand to hold the sole of your right foot, right under your heel, and bring your right hand to your outer right knee.
Rock your leg from side to side a few times, like you’re cradling a baby.
You can stay here, or, if it feels comfortable and accessible today, bring your right knee to the crook of your right elbow.
Stay here, or bring your right foot into the crook of your left elbow. Press out through the ball of your right big toe.

And rock the baby :)


Great for:

Opening the hips
Stretching the hamstrings and calf
Massaging the internal organs, reproductive, and digestive systems, colon, liver and kidneys
Calming and relaxing the mind.

Best avoided if you have knee or hip issues.


Tips for a safe practise