How to:

Cow Face Arms:
Sweep you right hand behind your back so it is resting between your shoulder blades, palm facing outwards
Lengthen your left arm to the sky and bend it behind your head, hooking the fingertips of the right hand
Hold for 5 breaths and repeat on the reverse arm
If you can’t reach your fingertips, use a belt or scarf and gradually shorten the distance between your hands

Reverse Prayer:
As you inhale spread your arms wide and as you exhale bend your arms, sweeping them downwards and behind your back.
Touch the fingertips of each hand, gradually joining palms so your fingertips are pointing upwards, pushing your thumbs together.
If you struggle to get palms together then begin by clasping your forearms or wrists.
Hold for 5 breaths
Festive gloves optional :)

Great for:

Strengthening arms and wrists
Opening shoulders and chest