Celebrate the Half Moon today with this liberating pose.  If partying has left you feeling a little unsteady, try practising against a wall for stability.


How to:

From Warrior 2, right foot in front, bend the front knee and begin to shift weight forward.

Engage your core, bring your left hand to your left hip and float your left foot out behind you, balancing on the right leg with your right fingertips on the floor.  Gaze is looking down.

Firm the standing leg and roll your upper hip back to stack your hips.  Press through the heel of the lifted leg and reach your top arm to the sky.  Challenge your balance by slowly turning your gaze to look up.


Great for:

Strengthening ankles, legs, buttocks, spine, and abs

Stretching the groin, hamstrings, calves, shoulders, chest and spine

Tipping you out of your comfort zone and bringing a feeling of liberation

Tips for a safe practise