January’s Yogi of the Month is Carol Carter.

Carol has been nominated for Yogi of the Month by our new Beginners Yoga teacher, Rosie Wooler.
Carol joined the Tuesday Beginner’s class at the beginning of the year and so far shows no sign of giving up.
She is working with pain and stiffness in her body that she is having multiple treatments for but despite this, she’s consistent and devoted to herself and her practise. She’s is already noticing great improvements in her practise and how she feels day-to-day.
Say hello to our Yogi of the Month…

Name: Carol Carter

How and why did you find your way on to the mat?

Having had so many ligament problems I was desperate to become more supple as I age but needed to do so very slowly. A friend recommended Rosieglo.

How did you feel after your first yoga class at Rosieglo Yoga?


Have you noticed any benefits or changes in yourself since practising yoga?

I can go off to sleep much more easily by concentrating on breathing and relaxing and I am already able to move more freely.

What do you like most about practising at Rosieglo Yoga?

We have a lovely teacher and there is no pressure to achieve more than your body can cope with. It is also great to have an hour just concentrating on you!

What’s your favourite pose at the moment or what are you enjoying most?

I enjoy child’s pose as i really couldnt imagine being able to do it a month ago!

What words of wisdom would you share with someone who is new to yoga or thinking of giving it a go?

Don’t worry about how you look or what level you are, just enjoy listening to your body and learning the positions to the best of your ability.  Its not often you have an hour completely to yourself and it flies by! I really look forward to each session.