December’s Yogi’s of the Month are The Family Sanders; Hugh and Jill Sanders, their Son Joe, daughter Harriet and Harriet’s partner Andy.

I love that yoga has become a shared thing for this family.  Andy and Harriet first came to Rosieglo in May and have been weekly yogis ever since.  Harriet’s brother Joe came along in June, then in September Hugh and Jill joined after Jill had suffered a heart attack a couple of months before.

As a family they’ve had a tough year but still manage to show up to class with a smile on their face and allow themselves an hour to be present on their mat and quieten the rest of the internal noise and external stresses that we can all suffer from.

I’m so pleased that Rosieglo Yoga has managed to provide a little haven for Family Sanders, that’s what it’s all about.

Say hello to our Yogi’s of the Month.


Names: Hugh, Jill, Harriet and Andy.

How and why did you find your way on to the mat?

Andy: I first attempted yoga in my early 20s. I hadn’t practiced in about 15 years and decided to do a beginners course at the start of 2018 to get back into it.

Harriet:  I first started doing yoga when I was about 17. My parents company provided it for their staff as a way of relaxing and stretching out after a work day, so I joined the classes too. During university and then working in London I never managed to keep going with it, so When I moved back to Cheltenham from London, I tried a few different yoga places to get back into it. It wasn’t until I tried Rosie’s class that I felt I found the right place to practice.

Hugh:Stress had given me neck and shoulder pain and Yoga relaxed both my muscles and my mind.

Jill: Some 15 years ago we started a class at our office base. Was stressed and needed to tone up.

How did you feel after your first yoga class at Rosieglo Yoga?

Andy:  I didn’t enjoy the first Yoga studio I did my beginners course with….it didn’t have the right atmosphere. My fiancee found a flyer for Rosieglo (I think in the Bath Road chippy!) and we came in for a free taster. The atmosphere was great, friendly and informal. After the first session I knew i’d be signing up for a 10 class pass!

Harriet:  I was really pleased with how enjoyable Rosie’s class was. I bought the 10 class pass and booked my next class. It was really relaxing hour and gave me the opportunity to just focus on the movement and my breathing, as opposed to all the stresses in my life.

Hugh: It was my first class for about 3 years so I felt stretched, relaxed and a little sore.

Jill: Good to get back into it.

Have you noticed any benefits or changes in yourself since practising yoga?

Andy: Yes! The reason I got back into yoga was to help with muscle stiffness when I was training for the London Marathon. I’ve had a lot less injuries from running since practicing yoga. I also feel an hour away from the constant distraction of work emails and social media is good for the mental health. I always feel incredibly relaxed after practice.

Harriet: I always feel a great sense of achievement after a class. It raises my mood and gives me some important me time. My muscles are less achey, and if I’ve missed a few classes I notice my body has become tighter, but the class soon sorts me out. It also benefits me in easing my stress and calming my mind.

Hugh: I’m much more flexible and relearning how to properly relax.

Jill: Yes core strength has improved.. but Christmas Day’s food didn’t help!!!

What do you like most about practising at Rosieglo Yoga?

Andy: The classes are small and friendly. Rosie is a great instructor and makes you feel very welcome.

Harriet: I like the small friendly classes. The classes are challenging but great to take at your own pace and ability. I also like the oil head massage at the end to completely relax you.

Hugh: The relaxed atmosphere.

Jill: Small classes.

What’s your favourite pose at the moment or what are you enjoying most?

Andy: This will sound boring, but i do like downward dog. I have a love hate relationship with chair pose.

Harriet:As challenging as it is, I like the chair pose and real feel I’ve made progress with that move. I also like warrior 3.

Hugh: I can’t pin one down as a favourite!

Jill: Nothing specific.. enjoy it all. However, I’ve always had a problem with winding down so I try to concentrate on the end of the session. Easier now I don’t work!

What words of wisdom would you share with someone who is new to yoga or thinking of giving it a go?

Andy: Do it. It’s great for both your physical and your mental health.

Harriet: I tell everyone to try yoga. Hence why my whole family has joined Rosieglo!

Hugh: It takes quite some time to learn the poses and to relax into them so don’t give up.

Jill: If you’ve got aches and pains.. just do it… like marmite.. you’ll either love it or hate it.. !