I’m really excited to be sharing some news with you, hot off the press!

Rosieglo Yoga is moving to a bigger, brighter, better studio space from January 2023.

We’re busy adding our Rosieglo magic and it’s already beginning to feel like our new yoga home. We can’t wait to show it to you ✨

I’ve put together some FAQs for you below:

Where is it?

  • Rosieglo will be situated on the site of Solace Gym, 3 Station Mews, Old Station Drive, Leckhampton GL53 0DL. A short walk up Leckhampton Road from Bath Road.  Turn left by Hampton House into Station Drive and Rosieglo can be found down the bottom on the left, just inside the main door of Solace Gym.
  • We are separate to the main part of the gym so you won’t come anywhere near a dumbbell unless you want to! The team at Solace are incredibly friendly and all about making fitness accessible for everyone.  Their approach fits really well with Rosieglo’s ethos of providing a warm, friendly, non-intimidating space to help people find their glo!
  • Rosieglo has exclusive use of the space and it already feels like home but bigger, brighter and better :)

Is there parking?

  • Yes there is a small car park to the rear of the building, and free roadside parking on Old Station Drive and Leckhampton Road.
  • The new Rosieglo Yoga studio is a 2 minute walk from Leckhampton Road

What’s the space like?

  • Bigger, brighter, better 🙂
  • We will easily have enough room for 12 mats comfortably and plenty of space in between
  • There are loads of windows, so lots of light and air when we need it
  • It’s warmer and much easier to heat so we’ll be able to really get cosy in savasana
  • The studio is accessed from the front door and straight up a short easy flight of stairs

Will there be mats and equipment provided?

  • Yes, we’ll be taking all the mats, bolsters, blankets, straps, blocks and eye pillows with us :)

Is there much work for you to do?

  • There’s a little bit of work to do but nothing major.  We’ll be adding a lick of paint, installing a new yoga-friendly floor and adding our Rosieglo magic ✨

Will you still run Zoom classes?

  • Yes, we plan to continue running Zoom classes for now

Will the prices remain the same?

  • Yes!

What happens to my current class pass?

  • All class passes will continue as usual, we’ll just be in a different location 5 mins up the road

When will the new studio open?

  • 3rd January!  From the New Year all classes will be at the new Rosieglo Yoga studio in Old Station Drive
  • The last classes at the current Rosieglo Yoga studio in Bath Road will be on 23rd December

Will you be doing any launch events?

  • Yes!  We hope to organise some open days so watch this space!

What’s happening to the current Rosieglo Yoga studio?

  • Honestly, we don’t know!  The lease has come to an end and it’s time to move to a bigger, brighter, better space.  We’re excited and can’t wait to share it with you 😀