Check out our short video on how to join our live yoga classes on Zoom – it’s super easy!

We’re running a selection of daily classes via Zoom and want to help you take that first step to joining a live class.

I was talking to my online class today about why we might have reservations about joining a live online class. Here’s a few thoughts…

The technology

There’s the tech. Whether or not you’re tech-savvy, it can be a little off-putting to have to get your head around something new. But honestly, it’s pretty straight forward.

Click the link > follow the simple instructions > and you’re good to go!

We’ve created a short video above to show you how easy it is. If you’re still not sure please just get in touch and we can help get you sorted.

Being on screen

You might also be feeling a bit meh about being on screen. To be honest, I was too in the beginning.

That’s weird though right? We see each other if we’re in a studio so I’m not sure why it feels different to be on screen.

And once the class gets going you soon forget about being seen on screen and quickly get absorbed in the flow of the class – just as you would in a studio.

I don’t have a ‘yoga space’

Maybe it’s difficult for you to find the space to do the class. But any space will do – we’ve had gardens, bedrooms and bathrooms! Don’t feel you need to create the perfect zen backdrop. We’re all in this together and actually it’s rather comforting to see everyone safe in their homes.

My house can be noisy!

If you have others in the house, maybe you’re concerned about the noise they might be making. Don’t worry – we mute all participants before we begin the class to zone out any distracting noises. Shame you can’t do the same at home – oh the power of a mute button ;)

There are plenty of positives to joining a live online class too.

3 Reasons to join a yoga class on Zoom

  1. It helps you to create a routine that you’ll stick to. Just like a studio class, if you’ve booked in, you’ll show up. That cuppa and a biscuit can wait til after class and will be all the more rewarding
  2. If you’re not alone at home, it’s a great excuse to get some me-time away from others in the house. ‘Sorry darling, I have to go. My yoga class is starting’ are magic words. Pop a do-not-disturb sign on the door to ensure your yoga time is protected. We’ve created a sign for you here.
  3. Practising from home can actually be really liberating. It offers you the chance to focus on your own movement, breath and connection and stop comparing yourself to others in the class. This is a huge step in your yoga practise and it can take years to get to this place of acceptance. Take this opportunity to find a deeper connection to your own yoga practise – it’s a gift just waiting for you.

Let us know of any other positives you’ve found with joining a live online yoga class in the comments below. It’s great for us to hear about how they are helping you.

So if you’re ready to give it a go just book your class in the usual way, via our online timetable or clicking the pink button below. You’ll be emailed a link to your class 30 minutes before the start. The class will open about 5 minutes before the start time so close the door, roll out your mat and click the link.

We’ll be waiting for you.

It’s that simple.

We really look forward to seeing you soon.