A 3 hour workshop focusing on your everyday wellbeing

Especially for Teens and Tweens aged 11-16


This special workshop will help Teens to set and achieve their own personal health and wellbeing goals.

Together we’ll evaluate our current health and wellness lifestyle and understand the benefits of movement, communication and down-time to maintain physical and mental wellbeing.   

It’s so important to learn to recognise and understand our stress triggers and how to manage them, so that we can always feel in control when needed – an invaluable tool to learn now and apply through your life’s journey.  

In this workshop, we explore how we can empower ourselves through fitness and wellbeing practises to feel strong-bodied, clear-minded, full-hearted and ready to take on the world!

Kirsty Ellson – experienced teacher and personal trainer of Infinite Balance Fitness, and Rosie Marsland Senior Yoga Teacher of Rosieglo Yoga, have collaborated to create a unique Teen Workshop which incorporates a combination of fitness and wellbeing to develop a balanced approach to our physical and mental health.

There’s enough fitness to get the heart-pumping, enough strength work to feel the difference and enough yoga and relaxation to learn how to switch off and find that all important down-time.  All woven together to nurture the soul.

This Teen enrichment workshop will include:

  • A HIT Workout & Dynamic Stretch: Teaching correct technique for a variety of exercises to really get the blood pumping.  These exercises can then be incorporated into their home routine so that they can dip into exercise anytime they want.  
  • Yoga: Focusing on mind and body connection.  Yoga is an excellent way to help Teens deal with everyday pressures, build confidence and find a small piece of calm in your life.  It’s an awesome stress-buster, promotes self awareness and acceptance and guides you to understand how incredible your body is.  This could be the beginning of a life-long yoga journey.
  • Sleep Lab: Understand how sleep impacts your mood, cognitive function, energy levels and overall health.  Evaluate your individual sleep habits and discover sleep strategies that work well for you. 
  • Intro to Fitball: A body strengthening class using the stability ball to work on core strength and stability. The perfect low-impact, high-fun way to exercise.
  • Digital Detox: Reflecting on our time management and evaluating our screen-time. We look at how we can divide our day between responsible screen-time, exercise, downtime and sleep, to help create a well-rounded approach to our daily physical and mental health.
  • Guided Relaxation: Time to chill – relaxation and breathing techniques to aid your physical and mental wellbeing.

This is the perfect opportunity to aid Teens with a pocketful of tools and techniques to dip into at anytime, to help us be the best version of ourselves, through fitness, awareness, communication and selfcare.

Our morning workshop takes place at the Rosieglo Yoga studio just off Bath Road, Leckhampton – a hidden oasis of calm. 

When: Sunday 2nd February 11.30am-2.30pm
             Sunday 14th June 11.30am-2.30pm

Where: Rosieglo Yoga Studio (see directions here)

How much: £25 to include a delicious healthy snack, drink and goody bag

Spaces limited to 10 people

10% sibling discount available (please get in touch for more details)

Please book and pay online to confirm your place


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