Heal Your Hormones

Do you find yourself swinging between Jekyll and Hyde type personalities throughout the month? Whether you are suffering with PMS, painful periods, endometriosis, struggling through the menopause, post menopausal or just fed up of feeling bloated and tetchy, this workshop is for you.

– Establish the stresses that derail you and turn your best intentions into self-sabotaging behaviour

– Get clarity on your unique food and drink fuel mix for optimal hormone management no matter where you are in your cycle

– Learn how to use breath & movement for balanced mood throughout the month

– Develop your grab and go JOY list to release your hormonal blues

The workshop includes hormone nourishing yoga movement and meditation with Rosie interwoven with lifestyle and nutrition wisdom from Health & Nutrition Coach, Karen Maidment, to encourage down regulation of your stress hormones and upregulation of your growth and repair hormones. Managing your hormones can lead to glowing skin, a brighter mood, clearer thinking and an increased zest for life.

23rd November | 2.00-5.30pm

£35 including yoga class, workshop and light refreshments.