Find your Balance

Find your Balance

with Jan

25th May| 1.30-4.30pm

Do you want to feel more confident in how you approach balances in your practice?

Would you like to understand more about the fundamentals and foundations related to yoga balances?

Would you like more time to explore variations, try props, and work at a deeper level in this area?

Do you want to understand more about your own strengths and build awareness around where your challenges lie?

If so then this workshop is JUST FOR YOU!

In this workshop we will take a detailed look at a 3 fun balances, and use the time allowed to help you find a strong foundation and set up.

★ Begin with a flow base practice designed to warm the body and prepare us for the work ahead.

★ Explore the benefits of each posture, noting some of the key elements that may challenge us (physically & mentally!)

★ Look at variations and transitions, try some props, explore tips and tricks to help face personal challenges or limitations.

★ Work collectively to find ways to improve stability in your balance practice.

Having spent time understanding, adjusting, trying… we will pull it all together into a flow and round this workshop off with a short meditation followed by relaxation.

Balances explored….:

~ Ardha Chandrasana – Half Moon Pose
~ Svarga Dvidasana – Bird Of Paradise
~ Kakasana – Crow Pose / Side Crow Pose

Suitable for yogis of ALL Levels

The outcome: You will leave having had some fun, challenged yourself, and developed a greater understanding of how to find ease and steadiness in balances and transitions.

Oh and for those who want to stay to chat afterwards… there’s the promise of tea and cake ….

Saturday 25th May 2024


£20.00 includes a comforting cuppa and delicious cake.