Family Yoga Workshop

Our monthly Family Yoga Workshop offers the chance for families to practice yoga together in a fun, inspiring, and energetic way in the quiet and safe space at Rosieglo Yoga.

Begin to learn yoga postures and explore the benefits to understand a little more about how our bodies work and just how incredible they are, regardless of shape, length, size and bendiness.

Understand how we can build healthy living into our everyday and try some simple tools in meditation, calmness and relaxation.
Lots of positive visualisation, games with feathers and Tibetan singing bowls aplenty.
You’ll leave feeling a little brighter, a little calmer and totally uplifted and inspired.

We’ve created a series of monthly family workshops throughout the year and each month we’ll focus on a different theme.

12th January 
Theme: Intention setting – Through our yoga moves, working with our breath and just relaxing we will work on setting intentions for the new year to come. We work on defining our actions and intentions in a fun and light-hearted way to kickstart 2019. 
9th February
Theme: What is Yoga – we will go back to basics and explore what yoga is really about. Is it perhaps more than just being on a Yoga mat and doing our moves? We’ll explore how yoga can help us to keep our body fit, keep our calm, learn to relax, think positively and nurture a healthy diet. So much to explore and we will explore all these themes in depth in the workshops to follow till Summer. 
9th March 
Theme: Proper Breathing & keeping our calm – in this workshop we will explore and experience different breathing techniques which help us to keep calm when we think we need to. People say ’take a deep breath’ when we’re upset or sad and that’s a great starting point.  Most of us don’t breath properly so together we’ll look at how our breath can really help us to take control.
6th April 
Theme: Proper exercise, keeping our body fit – We will have our special guest Sally Sitbones attending the workshop to help us understand where those bones are, how they work and why Yoga can help us keep our body fit and healthy. 
11th May 
Theme: Proper relaxation & chilling out – there are so many ways to relax and chill out. In this workshop we will explore different ways of relaxing by moving slowly, making our own mandala and just focusing on chilling out.
8th June 
Theme – Positive thinking & meditation – we know how by doing our breathing, exercise and relaxing we can keep our body and mind fit. What about our thoughts. Happy and positive thoughts will help our minds to stay healthy and help us feel strong and confident inside. In this workshop we look at how we can cultivate positive thinking to keep us looking on the bright side.
6th July 
Theme – Healthy diet – what has diet to do with yoga one thinks? Well, let’s find out when we learn more about what food does to our body & mind. We will practice mindful eating and experience how that can maybe even change the taste of our food. 

Our monthly workshop is led by the lovely and gentle Dana Norbury-Keddeman from The Little Yogi Cheltenham.  Dana is a fully trained, certified and DBS checked Children’s Yoga Teacher.
Create a foundation for your child’s peaceful and healthy development at Rosieglo Yoga with The Little Yogi.

Family Yoga Workshop
Ideal from age 4 and up.
£20 for adult and 1 child
£25 for adult and 2 children
£30 for adult and 3 children
Includes 90mins yoga workshop and complimentary gift for each child

If you’d like to add more children or more adults please get in touch at