Christmas Rest & Renew – Charitable Yoga Workshop

Nature teaches us that winter is the time of the year to preserve energy. Yet, embrace it or escape it, Christmas places huge demands upon us. This Candlelit Restorative Yoga session will see the blending of Restorative Yoga postures and guided Yoga Nidra meditation to help you experience a beautiful sense of calm for deep healing and relaxation.

Supporting the physical body with a wide range of props we will create a suitable environment for the mental and emotional layers to unwind. As the body resets in the restorative postures the nervous system switches to calmness and a deep inner healing mode, leaving you feeling nourished, rested and recharged.  It is a yoga of being rather than doing.

For every mat space sold we are gifting £5 to Open Doors in Cheltenham, who provide a hot meal and gift to the homeless on Christmas day.

12 places available. Suitable for all.

Friday 14th December
£20 including a spiced chai hug in a cup and £5 donation to Open Doors.