Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga

Wednesday 11.00-11.45am

Join us in the studio for chair yoga. In this 45 minute practice, we’ll focus on combining breath and movement to gently build strength, aid mobility and ease tightness.

We’ll start with some warm ups, move into a bit of a flow with postures and then end in a rest posture. The entire practice will all be possible from a chair, but there will be sections where you have the option of standing if you’d like to. 

Chair yoga is a great option for:

  • people who find it more difficult to move from the floor to standing in a mat-based class, 
  • people who are recovering from injury or experiencing chronic pain, 
  • people who are recovering from long covid and wanting to return to a regular practice, 
  • people who are new to yoga and want to try a gentle practice
  • anyone who is looking to try something a little bit different from a mat-based class!

The Benefits of Chair Yoga include:

  • Increased Flexibility. The ability to bend, twist, stretch, and move freely is important for functional daily movement.
  • Improved Strength. Using your muscles to complete yoga poses builds strength and improves balance.
  • Improved Proprioception. Improving your co-ordination and decreasing your risk of falling.
  • Reduced Stress. Focusing on movement with the breath helps to calm the nervous system and relieve anxiety.
  • Improved Pain Management Skills. Movement, breath and meditation will release endorphins, our natural pain-killers.
  • Better Sleep. Yoga helps to gently pull tension out of the body, and calms the nervous system, helping you to drop more easily into a restful sleep.

No prior yoga experience is necessary. We’ll provide all equipment. Just bring yourself and a smile.

Ready to join us?

Starts weekly from 2nd June

Wednesday 11.00-11.45am

Book with the following class passes:-
£8.50 per class with a 10 Class Flexipass
£10 per single class