Seasonal Self Care Immersion Programme

Does life just sometimes feel a little underwhelming and like it could do with a bit more sparkle?  We often get so bogged down in the day-to-day that we can lose touch with ourselves, our vibrancy and sense of purpose.  We keep pushing ourselves to one side whilst we tick off our to-do lists and pretty soon we may be feeling uptight, resentful and a duller version of ourselves.

It’s time to take action and find that brighter version of you.  Refer yourself to our seasonal self care immersion programme and let us guide you throughout the year, to keep you on track and find a happier, healthier life.

Run as a quarterly programme, in each half day immersion, you will receive the guidance needed to build nourishment and resilience for mind and body. Tuning in to the guidance of nature’s seasonal energy you will develop your own personal self-care blueprint through yogic movement and breath; guided meditation and self-reflection; nutrition and lifestyle wisdom.

We’ve created each quarterly session to benefit from the natural movement of the seasons, so that your body and mind can synergise with the surrounding landscape. We’ll move throughout the seasons with a revitalised focus, checking in with our intentions, encouraging ourselves to flourish and learning when we need to let go.  We’ll provide a journal for you to record your journey through the seasons, note your progress and provide a wellbeing map for you to study throughout the year and onwards.

February 2nd 2019: Planting | We focus on new beginnings and nourishment. We  learn to build a self-care practise.

May 18th 2019: Blossoming | We focus on invoking our creative spirit to wholly immerse ourselves in our self-care practise and allow ourselves to flourish.

September 21st 2019: Shedding | We focus on letting go of unwanted heaviness of spirit and mind and allow ourselves a moment to take stock and ground.

November 23rd 2019: Resting | We focus on building resilience with lots of restorative work to boost the immune system, calm the mind and uplift the spirit.

Saturday 2-4pm

Your teachers

Karen Maidment
Karen is the co-founder of Pure Body Balance Centre for Wellbeing. A Health & Nutrition Coach, Nutrition Chef and Yoga Teacher, with over 10 years of study and clinical practise, Karen now specialises in evaluating the underlying cause of stress and disease through the CHEK Foundational Principles ( How you Breath, Think, Eat, Drink, Sleep and Move) to create safe and effective nutrition support, lifestyle programmes, supplementation protocols and clinical testing getting to the root cause of ill health.

BA Hons, CHEK HLC III, CMTA II, Functional Medicine and Nutritional Advisor, Vinyassa Yoga Teacher.

Rosie Marsland
Rosie is the founder of Rosieglo Yoga and teaches a mix of vinyasa and hatha yoga, encouraging you to be inquisitive about your body, explore it’s idiosyncrasies and marvel at how incredible it is. She believes that yoga should be about functional movement and mindful connection, keeping us safely moving for longer, happy in our minds and bodies and able to embrace life and enjoy the day-to-day. Her classes are creative, nourishing and inspiring and can include music, aromatherapy, all sorts of props, a cheeky wink, poetry, wisdom, laughter but above all, heartfelt guidance.

Rosie has been practising yoga for over 18 years, and is a 500hr certified senior yoga teacher.

How to book:

You can book our Seasonal Immersions as an annual programme or individually.  You’ll hugely benefit from committing to the annual programme and so to encourage you, we’re offering a special discount if you book all four.

Individual Workshop: £40.00

Annual Immersion Programme: £140 

Please get in touch if you’d like any further information.