Mother’s Day Reset & Refresh

Mother’s Day Reset & Refresh

Sunday 10th March |3.00-5.00pm

Put yourself (or your Mum!) first this Mother’s Day. Join us for fun, inclusive yoga and cake!

Whether it’s being a mother yourself, or looking after a mother, us women can be great at giving to others and then neglect to look after ourselves. This afternoon is all about self-connection and self-care.

There will be a fun yoga practice, suitable for all levels of yoga experience, designed to help you release and revive the body. The yoga will be interspersed with plenty of pauses to connect
inwards and listen to that inner voice that often knows what we need, if only we had the quiet space to pay attention!

After the yoga there will be time for tea and CAKE. Yup, we definitely all deserve some cake in our lives!

What to expect:

~ we will work through the body from root to crown, doing simple moves and yoga postures that
release tension and let the energy in our body flow more freely

~ we will pause at key points in the practice to check in with ourselves, creating space and calm in
the mind as well as the body

~ we’ll use our breath to help find calm, balance, energy and release

~ we’ll end with a delicious relaxation with bolsters, blankets and eye pillows to absorb the effects of
our practice

Then after the practice, when you’re all blissed out and relaxed, there’ll be tea and CAKE. Yum!

This afternoon mini-retreat is for any woman needing a bit of self-nurturing… you may be a mum, or
you might want to bring your mum, or bring your daughter, or gift it to your mum! The yoga will
include some non-traditional moves so all levels of yoga experience welcome, however it is not
suitable for those with serious mobility issues or who struggle to get up and down from the mat
without support.

Book now before anyone else makes plans for a day that should be YOURS! Leave feeling uplifted,
rejuvenated and reset from top to toe (and, Rosie would add, with a happy cake-filled glo!).

Sunday 10th March